Speed Dealer Moms – LA August 1

Speed Dealer Moms — LA August 1 (Official Music Video)
10.92 minutes | sound

Music: Speed Dealer Moms (Venetian Snares, John Frusciante, Chris McDonald)
Video: Laskfar Vortok
Featuring: LADY BAMBS
Released by Evar Records

The delirium of the decisive rhythmic behavior of the track led me into investigating different dimensions of transfer and automation. On one level there is a storytelling of quantized visual information and cybercultural notions of dispersed authorship through the (inter)activity of digital images and their contents. On a secondary level, the interactivity the viewer experiences with the images is itself a “distant early warning system” of not-yet-realized autonomous art making processes (as expressed by some of the overwhelming machinic images) and embedded in the process of the video’s very own production.

Assisted by algorithmic editing, I wrote a program which took an audio input and measured it against a threshold, making pseudo-random decisions about which audio events would result in an edit, a cut, an unintended juxtaposition.

Here the warning system, on a third level, is also describing the creator as a spectator of their own work. For LA August 1, the human-machine interface still ended-up needing to be weighted by human intervention at the editing level to reach a sufficient compromise in the broad paradigm the track establishes. The program on its own produced interesting results, but too rudimentary and sloppy as a whole. The role of the editor then became to refine and sculpt the emergent cavalcade of the everyday, the absurd, and the hidden.