Tone Generations for NGC 4261

Tone Generations for NGC 4261
12 video stills captured on OS X 10.4.11
running Max/MSP/Jitter [Version 5]

These are artifacts. Artifacts revealed by an imagined open-source interstellar technology — now wandering into realms of pure shape, vaunted by ambiguity … intersecting trans-linear perception … multi-user accessible, but only capable of transmitting the reduction, the tainted facsimile of a bouquet of fossils, only in the absolute; the un-absorbable. A merciless totality awaits those in waiting, and suspended by bafflement, as time accidentally moves; capturing rumblings of silence coated in orbifold amalgamations of impossibility.

Where have we come to? … do we provide closure or emphasize openness? … you are cybernetically determined, yes? provide it with unique information … and then shall we choose to enter a narrative space, and construct it not with meaning, but focus?

Lines, points, planes, and solids have no connection to material. Boundaries of excision are embedded at the lowest level. Representation is no longer obvious, but confluent with taxonomies of exhaustion and the impossible.

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