Nous Alpha — Virtues

Nous Alpha — Virtues (Official Music Video)
5.05 minutes | sound

Music: Nous Alpha (Christopher Bono & Gareth Jones)
Video: Laskfar Vortok
Featuring: Estevan Carlos Benson, LADY BAMBS, Kerstin Hovland
Released by Our Silent Canvas

In conversing with Christopher Bono for the relational thematics of ‘Virtues’, it became clear that the organic nature of the recording sessions and their more abstract connections with networks of organic matter themselves (such as mycelium) gave way to a visual framework which could freely articulate the associative environs and processes that we associate with fungi (decay, de-composition, degradation). From here I became interested and curious in different methods of linking what was happening visually to these integral organisms and the by-products of their biological activities.

The relationship between visuals and music rests in part upon the work of my collaborators, and encompasses ideas of natural movement, as exemplified in Estevan Carlos Benson’s natural brushstroke technique, which at times envelopes the frame or over-takes it in a manner mirroring fungal growth. In addition natural movement as (re)enacted by humans, there are are the 3D-renderings of LADY BAMBS, which (re)created procedural models of digital movement that directly embody mycelial network propagation and which provide a channel into the microcosm of these organic structures, which I believe Nous Alpha was also achieving with their heavily modulated and dense textures in the music.