Graphical (micro) Libretto #2 in 3 Acts

Graphical (micro) Libretto #2 in 3 Acts
“Complete Lack of Networked Despair”
4 videos in succession
using Max/MSP/Jitter [Version 6]

In his masterful study of the life and times of the image of the dinosaur, W.J.T. Mitchell has argued that the dinosaur, a family of fossils that was discovered and “invented” in the 1840s, is the rightful totemic animal of modernity:

its astounding combination of fierce monstrosity and obsolescence, its overpowering gigantism, its subdued reliance on scientific and technological reconstruction, and its metaphoric relationship both to the appetites and to the destruction of modernity provided the dinosaur image with unique conceptual fertility.

1. Act 1
2. Act 2
3. Act 3
4. Epilogue